About Shrfu Drouillard

Shrfu Brandon Drouillard

A Life Dedicated to Traditional Chinese Disciplines

Training Under Master Mike Patterson

Brandon Drouillard has been practicing Hsing-I (XingYi) Chuan since 1995 and teaching it for more than a decade. He trained in this system for 10 years at the Hsing-I Martial Arts Institute in San Diego, California under the renouned teacher Master Mike Patterson, who himself was taught by the late Master Hsu Hong Chi in Taiwan. After a few years of training, Brandon entered his first full-contact mixed martial arts tournament and ranked 3rd in the U.S. Nationals. This qualified Brandon to fight in the U.S.C.K.F. internationals the next year—a tournament that is held once every 2 years. In 1999, Brandon won the bronze medal at the United States Chinese Kuo Shu Federation national full-contact tournament—a tournament open to all styles and ranks.

A Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Brandon's kung fu training and fighting experience inspired him to pursue a more comprehensive understanding of traditional Taoist principals. He began to focus more intensely on exploring and applying the balance between the yin and yang (passive and active, calm and chaotic, healing and martial) sides of life. As a result, Brandon enrolled in a graduate program at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine to pursue studies in Traditional Oriental Medicine and Tui Na massage therapy. In 1999 he began practicing Tui Na massage therapy to help people with neck and back pain—a modality he still practices heavily today. In 2003 Brandon obtained a Master of Science and Traditional Oriental Medicine degree and became a nationally certified Diplomate of Acupuncture in 2004. Today, he teaches and practices both the martial and healing aspects of the arts. Acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, Tui Na massage therapy, herbal medicine, and Kinesio Taping® are the modalities he integrates into his medical practices. Besides teaching Hsing-I Chuan, he is an Associate Professor and Sports Acupuncture Clinic Supervisor at Southwest Acupuncture College, in Boulder Colorado. Shrfu is also a Special Professional Instructor at the Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine, where he teaches Chi Kung.

Hsing-I Chuan (Xingyiquan) Family Lineage

Teachers are listed to the left of their students (see below). For ease of research online (if this sort of thing is important to you), the names listed are provided in the more recent Pinyin spellings. For clarity, Ji Longfeng was also known as Ji Jike, and "Hsu Hong Chi" is the Wade-Giles spelling for Xu Hongji (Brandon's Grandmaster). It is also worth noting that Xinyiquan (Heart and Intention Boxing) was the precursor to Xingyiquan (Form and Intention Boxing). In the lineage below, teachers where transmitting the older Xinyiquan up until Master Li Louneng, who is credited by many internal arts historians with evolving the art by implementing his mastery of spear fighting, and then changing the name to Xingyiquan. The more distant membership of the lineage below is as accurate as we can conclude given the mysterious and cross-pollinated history of the art.

Ji Longfeng 姬龍峰

Cao Jiwu 曹繼武

Dai Longbang 戴龍邦

Li Luoneng 李洛能

Liu Qilan 刘奇兰

Li Cunyi 李存义

Zhang Junfeng 張俊峰

Hong Yixiang 洪懿祥

Xu Hongji 许鸿基

Mike Patterson

Brandon Drouillard