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Hsing-I (XingYi). Qi Gong. Weaponry. Chin Na. Chinese Medicine.

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About Colorado Hsing-I Kung Fu

Colorado Hsing-I is dedicated to the promotion, education, and advancement of the traditional Nei Jia Taoist internal martial arts. Our classes are devoted to training practical and effective techniques for use in the protection of yourself and those you love.

Hsing-I (XingYi) Chuan—the primary internal martial style practiced at our school—is a proven fighting system with a written history of over 900 years. The core curriculum of both physical form and Taoist theory are firmly rooted in the traditional models of the 5 Elements (metal , water, wood, fire, and earth) and 12 Animals (horse, sparrow hawk, cockerel, tiger, snake, tortoise/alligator, eagle-bear, monkey, phoenix, swallow, rooster, and dragon).

Key Disciplines

Some of our primary studies and practices include (but are not limited to):

  • Hsing-I (XingYi) Chuan
  • Warming and conditioning exercises
  • San Sou (push-hands)
  • Chin Na (joint locking/submission)
  • Sparring and combative tactics
  • 2-man combat drills and forms
  • Traditional weaponry
  • Tumbling and throwing
  • White Crane exercizes (fah jing)
  • Tien Kan (core-strengthening)
  • Fhu Hu Kung (lying tiger ability)
  • Snake Body (spiral strength)
  • Qi Gong (energy cultivation)
  • Taoist meditation
  • 5-element and 12-animal theory/principals

Benefits of Practice

In addition to gaining skillful abilities for self-defense, diligent practice of Hsing-I will increase self-awareness and strengthen your mind, body, and spirit as a whole. Additional benefits include increased bone density, stronger ligaments and tendons, more efficient lymphatic drainage, increased immunity, self-confidence, better awareness of your surroundings, and overall balance in your life.

Shrfu Drouillard is also a licensed Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This complex system of holistic healthcare is intimately entwined with internal martial arts principals, theory, and practice. Students will become familiar with these medical principals as they offer relavent insights into their study of the Hsing-I system.

Hsing-I History

Hsing-I Training

Student Testimonials

"Brandon has been teaching me Hsing-I since late 2008. He is an exceptional instructor! His class has helped me lose weight, gain focus and strength, connect mind-body-spirit, and be a better/healthier person in every aspect of my life. I would highly recommend this class to everyone from beginner to well-skilled martial artist. For what Brandon charges—for 3 classes per week—you are getting an amazing deal!" - Aaron G.

"For the last year-and-a-half I have had the remarkable pleasure of learning the art of Hsing-I under Shrfu Brandon Drouillard. I have a Gung Fu background and own a pretty good concept of what makes a great class. Balance. Shrfu is a hands-on teacher with patience. No "Rex Kwon Do" if you know what I mean. There's a reason and tangible application for every move learned. Shrfu is a moving encyclopedia of applications. In the past year or so I have become stronger, quicker, and more balanced. The classes are affordable and in a large-mirrored space. I really can't say enough about Denver Hsing-I. A true Martial Artist takes it with them all through the day and affects the world positively. Come try a class. You won’t regret it." - Dustin M.

"Brandon's teacher is Mike Patterson, known worldwide as one of the most accomplished and respected practitioners and instructors of the Internal Martial Arts of Hsing-I, Tai Chi, and Bagua. Any student of Brandon would be fortunate indeed to be able to expeience the authenticity and quality of instruction for which the Hsing-I Martial Arts Institute is famous for." - Al A.

"I was a student at Hsing-I Martial Arts Institute while Brandon was an instructor there. Brandon has a thourough and deep understanding of Chinese Medicine, martial arts (Hsing-I in particular), body mechanics, and competition-level fighting. He is able to quickly recognize and point out flaws in my training. He is patient, fun to work with, and always willing and capable of stepping into the ring for more 'hands-on' training. I highly recommend him as an instructor." [Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity] - Daniel R.

"There are a number of good reasons to attend these classes. Like a lot of martial arts classes, a person's health and confidence are expanded. Unlike a lot of martial arts classes, a person of any age can learn and benefit. We learn about internal healing side-by-side with attack/defense methods. Shrfu (meaning 'teacher') is very skilled at both group training and individual training. Class style varies over the course of a week, so we students get a lot of good exposure. I especially like Fridays which close the week with a healthy dose of meditation and breathing. We also learn some Chinese language—which is totally cool! I took Hsing-I as a one-semester class about 15 years ago, and I absolutely fell in love with the style, philosophy, and simplicity. If I had stayed where I was, I'd have stuck with it, but I moved away shortly thereafter. Since then, I have moved around the country quite a lot, and I looked around for a Hsing-I school very often. I finally found one here in Denver that met my needs: affordability and good quality. I couldn't be more pleased with what's taught and how it's taught. Anyone ca (and should) learn and benefit from these classes." - Jason B.

"Brandon is an excellent instructor. His talent and dedication to martial arts make him an inspiration." [Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert] - Kristelyn W.

"I've been studying martial arts since I was 7 years old. When I finally discovered Hsing-I Martial Arts Institute I knew it was what I had been looking for all my life. Unfortunately, by the time I arrived at the school, the head instructor was already on his way to retiring. I had just begun to scratch the surface of one of the most incredible martial arts in existence. Brandon Drouillard was quick to pick up the slack. He, along with Alex Shpigel, opened a new school and kept the spirit of the art burning bright. Through private instruction he walked me step-by-step through the intricacies and practical applications of several techniques and many different forms. On the rare occasion that I would find myself feeling uppity in the ring, he was quick to remind me that I still had much to learn. Beyond the physical aspects of the art Brandon was never reluctant to discuss its philosophical roots. Over the years, and through many discussions and training in techniques used to center the mind and find focus in a world of chaos, Brandon helped to steer me towards a brighter future and more peaceful mind. Brandon is highly motivated and very knowledgeable of the Internal Martial Arts. I endorse him completely." [Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert] - Sean D.

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